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Requests Screencaps

If there is something you would like me to screencap, then let me know in the comments here.

Please check the master list!
If I’m already working on it and haven’t posted anything from the series, please let me know if you would like them posted.
The reason I don’t post those ones as I complete them is because I don’t think anyone is interested and will just post all of the screencaps in the same couple of days instead of a week by week basis.

I am more likely to screencap something I have watched before, so take a look at MyAnimeList for anime at least. Not to say I won’t watch new shows either that someone suggests, so ask away. I think it’s highly unlikely I’ll reject a request (as long as I like the content to some extent). We’ll see how high demand is though. Lol. Same with video games. Haven’t played that many so… yeah we’ll see how that goes.

Previously requested:
Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi
Diabolik Lovers (rejected)
Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi
Ouran High School Host Club
Kyoukai no Kanata
Nagi no Asukara
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Blue Exorcist

Use the form below:
Type: (anime/live-action/video game/etc)
Length of video: (minutes)
# of videos: (aimed more towards series and TV shows, how many episodes are there?)
Year: (determines whether I want to go get a BD or DVD rip since before 2007 or so they’re just upscales)
Download link: (not necessary but will help me get it done faster if I don’t need to look for a place to download)
Comment: (anything else you’d like to say)

23 thoughts on “Requests Screencaps

    • Accepted!

      I was actually thinking of doing this series as well! So colorful and lush.

      Would you like me to do the TV version or BD? The first BD should be coming out in a couple weeks. I’ll do both if the BD ends up having changes/tweaks, but for now just one or the other.

  1. Type: Anime.
    Title: Tsuritama.
    Length of video: 20 – 23 minutes.
    # of videos: 12.
    Year: 2012.
    Download link: I watched it recently on crunchyroll so I unfortunately don’t have a dl at the moment I could get you one if you have trouble!

    • Accepted!

      I’ve actually been considering capping this myself. Now I have a reason to begin the project!

      Don’t worry about the download link. I don’t really have trouble finding the links, I just think it’s helpful if you happen to have one.

  2. Type: Anime
    Title: Diabolik Lovers
    Length of video: about 23-25 minutes
    # of videos: 12
    Year: 2013
    Download link: I’ll be watching this anime on Crunchyroll; so I’m afraid I cannot supply one.

    I noticed you are watching it so if you happen to like it – I would appreciate some screencaps.

    • For now, this request will be considered rejected. I am indeed watching it, but not exactly enjoying it (yet?). I think the animation is nice but I can’t imagine myself spending more time with the episode after watching it, so if I end up liking it down the line then I’ll let you know, but it seems unlikely the way things are going.

      • Alright, I haven’t started watching it yet.
        I must admit I’m more excited for Kakumeiki Valvrave Season 2, thanks anyway.

      • Give Diabolik Lovers a look since its 15 minutes an episode. That’s why I felt like watching it. Lol
        And yes I’m looking forward to Valvrave 2 too! Ready for more Sunrise shenanigans lol

    • I actually was considering watching this recently.

      For now it will be considered accepted but we will see after I actually watch the series. I’ll let you know if I don’t end up wanting to screencap it.

      Lol and the only pro I see for putting in your email and username is that only new emails and usernames need their comment moderated, so if I have approved your comment before then the next time you comment it would automatically show up.

  3. Type: Anime
    Title: Kyoukai no Kanata ED
    Length of video: 1:32 min
    # of videos: 1
    Year: 2013
    Comment: The ED has a lot of very fast sequences, a lot of fps, that is why I need the screenshots… Arigatou Gozaimasu!

    • Accepted!

      You encouraged me to finally get around to watching it, and I’ll have to say it truly is beautiful. It was on my plan-to-watch list for the longest time but I got caught up yesterday after those breathtaking visuals!

      I’m not entirely sure when I’ll start though, so stay tuned!

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