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Master List

Master list of everything that I’ve done screencaps for.

This will probably look messy but it’s because I did this in a document first and wordpress isn’t showing tabs. I’m not in a hurry to try and format this for wordpress since it’s mostly a personal list for me to reference to see my status on what I’ve screencapped, what I can screencap, and what I have yet to post.

If you’re not willing to look through this jumble of mess, take a look at the GoogleDocs that I frequently update to see the progress of projects. It’s a more organized version of what you see below. The GoogleDocs also has a list of anime I will potentially screencap because I have the files at the moment.

Series title
Categories have samples and the post to scroll through, Pages have links to all the posts that have the samples
TV/DVD/BD episodes capped/total episodes
* = not posted
-TV 2/15
-BD 0/15
-OP 0/5
-ED 0/3
*Code Geass
-BD 4/25
-OP 5/5
-ED 2/2
-PD 9/9
*Deadman Wonderland
-BD 8/12
-NCOP 2/2
-NCED 1/1
*Final Fantasy XIII
Free! Category | Page
-TV 12/12
-OP 1/1
-ED 1/1
-BD 4/12
FrFr! 1/
*Fullmetal Alchemist (2003)
-DVD 1/51
-OP 0/4
-ED 0/4
*Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
-TV 16/64
-BD 0/64
-NCOP 0/5
-NCED 0/5
*Natsuyuki Rendezvous
-TV 1/11
-OP 1/1
-ED 1/1
-TV 4/11
-OP 0/2
-ED 0/1
Shingeki no Kyojin Category | Page
-BD 8/25
-OP 1/2
-ED 1/2
Angel Beats! Category | Page
-TV 13/13
-OP 1/1
-ED 10/10
*Arakawa Under the Bridge
-TV 13/13
-OP 2/2
-ED 1/1
*Bungaku Shoujo Kyou no Oyatsu – Hatsukoi
-DVD 1/1
*Darker Than Black – Black Contractor – Gaiden
-BD 4/4
Durarara!! Category | Page
-TV 24/24
-OP 2/2
-ED 2/2
Eden of the East Category | Page
-BD 11/11
-OP 1/1
-ED 1/1
Evangelion 1.11 Category | Page
-BD 1/1
Fireball Category | Page
-DVD 13/13
-DVD making of 1/1
Fireball Charming Category | Page
-TV 13/13
Poyopoyo Category | Page
-TV 52/52
-OP 1/1
Time of Eve Category | Page
-BD 1/1
True Tears Category | Page
-BD 13/13
-OP 1/1
-ED 1/1
Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo Category | Page
-PV 1/1
End of Eternity (done for the most part)
-trailers/1st 10min
Final Fantasy type-0
-demo trailer
Final Fantasy XV
-cloud dvd trailer
-TV trailer
Infinite Undiscovery (on hold)
-intro/cutscenes/1st 10mins/trailers
Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope (on hold)
-trailers/cutscenes/1st 10mins

6 thoughts on “Master List

    • Thank you! May I ask if you mean the 2003 series or Brotherhood? Also I was wondering if you wanted me to start posting them now or not, since I was just gonna focus on other anime for now since FMA is pretty long.

      • I prefer Brotherhood, it’s defiantly my favorite. The ending of the 2003 series bothers me with the whole the souls of the dead fuel alchemy thing *shudders*.
        I would love it if you stared posting Fulmetal, but I don’t want to rush you or anything.

      • I’m one of the few people that got into FMA via the first series, read the manga, then got excited when the new series came out back in 2009. Lol

        So it turns out that back when I capped Brotherhood about 3 years ago, I was using the TV version so I downloaded the BD version to compare just now and there are a number of touch ups that would make it more worth it to redo (especially the alchemy scenes) and post instead of the sloppy (in the broadest way, you don’t really notice when watching but looking at stills) TV version.

        I’ll hopefully be able to start it up soon. I’ll of course, start with the 5 NCOPs and NCEDs.

  1. I really like how you are doing Shingeki No Kyojin (attack on titan) you’re probably the only person I know who has a large amount of screencaps of SNK. Keep up the good work~!

    Also, mind if I request Ao No Exorcist (Blue Exorcist)? I really love that series but no one seems to have good screencaps. I’d really appreciate it~! ^^

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