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Free! no credit ending

Title: Free!
Video: ED

Source: BD
# of images: 276
Resolution: 1920×1080
Download: 43.55mb- mediafire | 4shared
Comments: Finally did the credit-less version. The first four samples are from the BD, and the four following those are from the TV version. Notice the quality difference as well as the no credits. Threw in a couple more samples since the BD looked pretty flawless. Keeping both links to the TV ver and BD just for fun.

-Credits are not necessary
-Comments make me happy
-Do not redistribute without my permission
-Do not claim as your own
-These screencaps do take a long time to do. I have openings and endings usually capture every frame since they’re usually pretty quick, meaning I go through about 2000 caps to layer it down to ~200 caps to get the best ones


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